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  1. Stupidest reasons to rehome your pets...
  2. I am a Pit Bull
  3. Gut feelings? My experience.
  4. Pitbull had stem cell therapy done in kansas
  5. Physical Deal Breakers?
  6. banifield petsmart vet checkup
  7. Urgent at ACCT-Sammy
  8. Missing my big floppy eared boy....
  9. This is just terrible...Major fail
  10. This is just terrible...Major fail
  11. Took Bully to the vet today.
  12. Pit Bull education event need ideas
  13. help
  14. Cold Weather Giddies
  15. Male/male vs Female OR Female/female vs Male?
  16. Little Surprised
  17. A Place to Live
  18. Izzy HATES the treadmill
  19. micro-chipping
  20. Vet for quality crop near Louisville, KY or Clarksville, IN ???
  21. Can dogs ell time...or..Pitbull alarm clocks..
  22. pit owners
  23. Really...cause that makes my dog magically ok?
  24. My dog's energy level is odd.
  25. Cl lol
  26. A Good Reminder About Dogs and Kids
  27. Took my 3 dogs to the vet clinic today...
  28. Well I've made it a year without killing him...
  29. Thinking of setting up a personal yard
  30. keeping Bane cool.
  31. POed at uncontrolled dogs.
  32. Why not euth the general public
  33. Just kinda curious about papers...
  34. new pictures of brantly
  35. I want to help these dogs....
  36. Better Behaved With Little Kids than Adults
  37. Boarding kennels...Why do so many people hate them?
  38. josephine
  39. Please help!!! Need pit advice!
  40. Very Urgent at ACCT-Brutus
  41. New dog. What do you think?
  42. need some opinions cause im confused
  43. From Indoor Only to Backyard
  44. how long do you leave your dog for???
  45. AC allowing people to keep dogs even after visit?
  46. How? Dog "proofing" the house
  47. Hahaha!!! Take that! I win!
  48. Not My Dog, A Mistake
  49. Thanks for interrupting our walk!
  50. Why Do People Just ADORE Fat Dogs??
  51. Safe to say he's done growing?
  52. Raising a dog into becoming ill tempermented.
  53. A short story of a pup named Sophie... Pyscho or Pyschic...
  54. New to Pitbull Ownership and the Forum..need a little help
  55. I am excited...
  56. Good vs the Bad
  57. Breeds You Don't Like
  58. APBT co-existing with smaller dogs
  59. Bad Obed, bad bad Obed
  60. Why Does this Crap Keep Happening?
  61. Urgent at ACCT-Adele
  62. Take in a second pit or not?
  64. Well, Sams a woman now!
  65. Seriously pissed off!!!
  66. I need help from someone in Colorado
  67. Discouraged...
  68. leaving Goren and Logan with a friend this weekend
  69. seen this on craigslist
  70. It's going to be a looooong summer
  71. Mini Rant about a BYB
  72. Pisses me off (local)
  73. It just doesn't stop!!!
  74. Can anyone tell me what breed(s) my puppy looks like ?
  75. Anyone? 6 puppies found in suitcase!!!
  76. Lost it with Friend Over Service Dog
  77. April 21st/22nd: Spring Fling at ACCT!
  78. upset today
  79. What's the deal with nose color fascination?
  80. What breed do you think this dog is?
  81. update on brantly!!!!!!!!
  82. Please consider adopting/fostering Sandy
  83. APB Rant
  84. About to buy my pitbull puppy soon and looking for advice
  85. New to the breed, can someone help me with a few quick questions on these pictures?
  86. Need advice - 9 pit bulls chained to trees in my community
  87. Alright yall.. Help me out here!
  88. Could a dog that bites make a friendly dog bite?
  89. Do I HAVE to separate my pitties?
  90. Pringles the dog is looking for a home!
  91. Urgent at ACCT-Penny
  92. New pup...MAYBE...
  93. Finding a PAIR of strays
  94. Idiot Logic, don't you agree?
  95. Idiot Logic, don't you agree?
  96. Did you all hear?
  97. I feel sooo bad for my boy, any advice?
  98. I feel sooo bad for my boy, any advice?
  99. Quick question
  100. I can't wait any longer!
  101. What I do with all my time... working and hiking pics
  102. How do you keep your dogs cool?
  103. Re-uniting a dog with it's person is MEANT to feel great.. I don't feel that way :(
  104. Oh, Roxie...
  105. I feel so bad for my dog Blue, tired of Miami's Pitbull ban.
  106. Prayers needed.
  107. Big question
  108. Has this been posted?! GENIUS!
  109. Just out of curiosity
  110. Asia
  111. What is she???
  112. Research Project
  113. Help with colors of pups
  114. Bike riding with dogs
  115. Breeders?
  116. What does this mean?
  117. Urgent at ACCT-Junebug needs out by 8:00 p.m. 4/5/12
  118. Guess the breed! (no, its not a pit mix lol)
  119. Do your Pet Loves Travel?
  120. A little excitement this afternoon. Sorry it is so long.
  121. k9???
  122. Taking a dog from improper care
  123. 2 in 1 week!
  124. rattling a soda can filled with rocks
  125. Cropped Ears Post care- Cone questions
  126. Ugh. These dogs are going to be the death of me! HAHA...
  127. Wow. just.. wow.
  128. Like Love for pit bulls on facebook
  129. Pit bulls and Dog parks!
  130. Please consider adopting/fostering Brosco
  131. UGH. Puppy Fever
  132. Family tree Hellp
  133. What color is she?
  134. APBT Dog Genetics - Color
  135. Blue Eyed APBTs - No Merle
  136. I need help guys ASAP
  137. Et tu, Pit Bull Advocates?
  138. WTB: In need of a home for my dogs and me in the Fox Valley (Appleton) WISCONSIN area
  139. Bukra is the #1 Hound All Breeds!!!!!!! :D :D
  140. Serenity's shelter?
  141. Touchy subject
  142. Let's play the guess my breed game for fun!!
  143. Chocolate Thunder....pit/staff vs am bully(no drama)
  144. My little stray is one year old - probably
  145. So I made a FB fan page for my photography stuff..
  146. I wish people would properly secure/contain their dogs
  147. OMMFG I'm LIVID.
  148. Somebody explain to me please.....Gator and Gotti. And what lines do you really want
  149. My poor boy has a black eye
  150. HELP NEEDED .. looking for pitbull friendly living
  151. A bone a day? Healthy or unhealthy?
  152. Again looking for new house
  153. Dog Aggressive Pit bull that runs loose in neighborhood.
  154. Is this pen good for a pit bull
  155. What do you think she is apbt/amstaff or apbt/ambully or purebred
  156. Hey! I think they're on to something...
  157. Slayer has changed A LOT.
  158. Grey?!?!?!?
  159. Anti-weight pull people now? Sheesh!
  160. dogs or bitches?
  161. 1 Year old!
  162. The Reason I only go to One Pet Store and not another D:
  163. Amazing basset hound
  164. Vote for Willow!
  165. What the heck do I make of this, if anything (Mason)
  166. Mixed or just small?
  167. Awesome Advice !!! Best Advice You've Been Given ??
  168. Daddy's home. Dog welcomes soldier home
  169. i wonder why??
  170. took the pups to the beach today!!
  171. Driving me flat dang insane !!! What has your dog lost ??
  172. Saw this on the news today
  173. when picking out a pit some questions
  174. Need Advice
  175. Should I start calling the police on off-leash dogs?
  176. Turtle Buster???
  177. Court Ruling Takes Dogs Beyond "Property" Status; Major Pet Industry Groups Not Happy
  178. Way to go, UKC! NPBR.
  179. welp just got back from the vet :)/:(
  180. Hi Im New
  181. stupid dog aggression.
  182. 3/25/12 Philly's animal control shelter is FULL again! It's kitten season.
  183. Dog boarding
  184. I think Ike had another seizure last night and I got it on video
  185. A Will Farrel disaster
  186. Sigh...The Hunger Games
  187. Stray black/tan tabby, Elkins Park
  188. Plush squeak toy in the ring: Yay or Nay?
  189. May be off topic but cute !!!!
  190. If only...
  191. Airlines and pit bulls/pit bull mixes
  192. Harley's Peds...finally!
  193. Question...
  194. Dog who helps little girl to breathe. Service dogs are amazing creatures
  195. pit bulls and PR
  196. Do you think
  197. I just realized something...
  198. Ugh FML!!! I thaught my roommate was bad.
  199. Now that she is way healthier, what color?
  200. Old Angelican Bulldog
  201. refuses to walk on the leash....
  202. Fun day...... Violet made me look like an idiot! lol
  203. If you could ask your dog a question...
  204. Hope for Pits in Mexico!
  205. Can you please vote for graceey bearr
  206. Why is it that dogs bark all night if left outside
  207. First puppy car ride
  208. This is why I can't stand some of the human race!
  209. Cross Your Fingers For Us!
  210. Fellow people with multiple dogs to work..help?
  211. Please consider adopting/fostering Angela
  212. dog responsibility 101
  213. What is a pit-bull?
  214. Trouble with bladder control, please help!
  215. Becoming a Pain While I Sleep
  216. Folliculitis???
  217. Good sentinel replacement?
  218. Adopt My Little JRT!
  219. An interesting compasison I made..
  220. Why pitbulls? 2
  221. Adding a new Pit Bull to existing Pit Bull... HELP!
  222. What is he?
  223. My dogs hate rain and wind!
  224. What's your guess on her breed?
  225. I need help with posting, replying, etc etc
  226. Doggy dingle berries lol
  227. trouble finding place that will accept pitbulls
  228. Albino Red Boy ????
  229. So darn proud of my girl.
  230. concerned owner looking for behavior evaluation/trainer in nj
  231. So What is he?
  232. What to do when your dog "messes up?"
  233. Project- Dog Kennels :)
  234. Pics of Nitro
  235. oh i wanna cry!
  236. A friend rant.
  237. is he small
  238. why pitbulls?
  239. Advice on having 2 dogs
  240. I'm very upset but I'm ok..check him out
  241. trying to decide..
  242. Bully Walk
  243. There is absolutely NO Pitbull friendly apartments in Houston!! what to do
  244. If you can't control your dog maybe you should find a less busy place to walk.....
  245. @#$% Progressive
  246. I had to show someone this ridiculousness.
  247. Pit Bull/ Chihuahua mix???
  248. *sigh* Damn puppy! And me, too.
  249. am wanting to get a pit
  250. Anyone from around Dayton Ohio?