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  1. freaky: collar got stuck !
  2. Dog bite
  3. I'm sad.
  4. Foster dog how could you?!
  5. What is your mutt mixed with?
  6. Dog Loses Tongue In Paper Shredder
  7. can somebody tell me wat kind of pit i have?
  8. Interesting Web sites in Facebook for the PIT BULL & others breed dogs inside BSL
  9. Star almost got my grandma's cat
  10. Puppy Size
  11. Is this wrong?
  12. Wagging Tail: Good or bad
  13. I just noticed some loose skin on the bottom of stars neck
  14. Dang it Jack!
  15. Whats going on to all my bulldog men, new to the site!
  16. KCSPCA and me
  17. Do you have a copcat?
  18. St. Francis Festival in Roxborough
  19. Bonnie's fur color change.
  20. Texas tank rip happy birthday tank
  21. Best Deodorizers
  22. Music group does adorable video
  23. Why does my dog (that i care for) like my boyfriend more?
  24. petsmart animal shelter day experience
  25. Canine Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
  26. Looks like I'll be speaking with my neighbor soon
  27. Weighted harnesses and weighted collars?
  28. Help with info please!!
  29. Funny story for our breed
  30. PAWS Mutt Strut 10/30/10 @ FDR Park
  31. So Proud of my boy!
  32. Such a good dog
  33. Most Awesome News!
  34. I need some legal advice !!!!!
  35. need help in east tn !!
  36. pitbull or not?
  37. Evil Kitten Introduction
  38. Red eye!
  39. this is the $#!t that pisses me off....
  40. The wild about animals show
  41. Luckiest Hamster EVER (long)
  42. I miss my dogs so much!
  43. Help!!!!
  44. cupcake just killed a young rat/mouse
  45. Very disappointing vet visit...RANT
  46. Is your dog smart or a dumb dumb?
  47. Star - silly boy but scary for a minute
  48. Please vote for my kids on this contest!
  49. What color am I?
  50. I cant take my pit anywhere....
  51. Do your dogs act bored?
  52. Want to know if I registered Kane with the proper fur color with UKC
  53. Household Enzyme Cleaners and Deodorizers
  54. rant.... :)
  55. For those with mixed breed dogs
  56. Great News!!!!!!
  57. Rofl
  58. Speaking of crates.... she's eating hers!
  59. Timeout in crate...is it ok to do?
  60. Does anybody here know anything about Labradors?
  61. full blood or inbred?
  62. Shipping puppy on airplane
  63. Desperatley need help
  64. Missing Dog in British Columbia
  65. Well it looks like I get to prepare myself for a city council meeting..
  66. Do you think your opinions and views regarding dogs change after having a child?
  67. Silly Story
  68. Pooh in my face last night
  69. Just when you start to brag on your dog, your dog will make you eat your words
  70. rios pitbull kingdom
  71. PAWS Spay/Neuter/Wellness Clinic
  72. I found an Irie friendly apartment!!!!!!!!!
  73. funny things that dogs do
  74. My Dog's Face contest
  75. Barking?
  76. Ok...Epic Fail.
  77. Guard dog versus stupid neighbors
  78. un-freakin-believeable
  79. why is your dog named that?
  80. Deal breaker or take a chance??
  81. "Fact vs Fiction"
  82. Need help trying to convince my GF
  83. Looking for Advise
  84. The Lost Dogs
  85. pitbull discrimination at petsmart
  86. Have Ambullies lost all their "Gameness"
  87. Mistaken identity
  88. Am bullies
  89. Loose unaltered amstaffs on my yard
  90. Stinky pit
  91. $5000 "silver" pit bull.
  92. Star growled at someone
  93. SPCA Kills Lost Pit Bull Even After Owners Call
  94. What is wrong with Burger King lately?
  95. Did anyone see the dog special last night on PBS? (Very interesting)
  96. please help (forum related)
  97. pit bulls with spots
  98. Rome's Diesel
  99. My dogs were taken by animal control today
  100. Would these two make good pups?
  101. Pet Insurance?
  102. Pitbull or Ambully?
  103. roommate rant and adoption all in one
  104. Neighbor Issues
  105. FREE FOOD woot!!!
  106. Does he look like a mix?
  107. Wat A Good Girl!
  108. Dog Parks
  109. South Jersey Weight Pull
  110. Re-motivating my dog
  111. Does anyone know good vet that does crops in New York?
  112. Blood bank?
  113. Humor-He Wanted to Breed Trooper
  114. Happy Birthday, Ike! You're a man now!
  115. My Dogs LOVE this!!! (treat)
  116. Wow, this group has changed
  117. Ears?
  118. Imma knocking Mahoney in the head LOL
  119. Evaluating what "the paw" means
  120. Dog abuse
  121. Star was pretty good today
  122. "Man's Best Friend"
  123. What is the biggest thing people have against "designer" dogs
  124. Happy Update on some of Vick's dogs
  125. another dog i came across "shorty bull"
  126. Has anyone heard about this shooting?
  127. Cowpooling
  128. Help Please
  129. our vet is closing
  130. OMG! NO Way
  131. Anyone leave their Pit Crated ?
  132. Michael Vick Overkill there are Others
  133. one bad day...
  135. Chesepeak Bay Retreivers
  136. pihrana dogs
  137. Today, I was glad to have a "dangerous pit bull"....
  138. My pup's eyes
  139. Dogs and Guests.... ;)
  140. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!
  141. so excited!
  142. What does your dog do when you are sick?
  143. Favorite Dog Stuff
  144. New Family Member
  145. Cell phones - a new danger?
  146. Who Ate My Underwear???
  147. what do you think??
  148. What's your opinion of Michael vick being allowed to play in the NFL again?
  149. Craigslist Forum Thread
  150. Your opinion on a pit bull in the circus
  151. Rant
  152. Just cuz I am a proud Bully mum!
  153. Halloween
  154. kitty litter
  155. Dragging weights as a means of sure "containment"?
  156. What some guys will do to get a little pussy
  157. My Dog Attacked and we were asked to leave
  158. Showing in heat??
  159. Kennels and Breeders (question for you guys)
  160. blue pitbulls
  161. East Cobber Festival
  162. ..And she's scared of Pit Bulls
  163. Bandit got a new home
  164. whats your dogs spot
  165. To those of you who do your own vaccinations, what was your vet's response?
  166. Who came up with the term mutt
  167. Where to buy jackets anf how your dog's reaction to cold weather
  168. We have a pitbull friendly apartment-Boston
  169. My Lab is SO hard to deal with
  170. Odd.
  171. Geez...I just couldn't leave this little man to die...
  172. Why is fear so much more powerful than love?
  173. Ridiculously funny dog blog
  174. Need some good call name/registered name suggestions!
  175. Does your dog drool?
  176. A question about the gait?
  177. I'm Thinking About Removing Backyard Grass.
  178. Debating...
  179. Blame it on the dog...
  180. craigslist;...tri colored bully
  181. He wants to take Pooh back
  182. Ah, my neighbors (bearxfoo, you'll get a kick out of this)
  183. Dogs of War
  184. Ew my yard stinks like urine? How do I get rid of the odor?
  185. This is probably one of the worst looking dogs I have ever seen.....
  186. AmStaff is too good for chewbones?
  187. Registering Animal Scam??
  188. met a great couple today
  189. Color for new collar
  190. Fish Oil=Amazing
  191. Novenber election in Missouri
  192. Puppy fur changing colors?
  193. Can u tell me if he is an apbt
  194. Eye flash
  195. So you think you want a pit?
  196. Looking for rescue stories
  197. I'm not a PETA fan, but....
  198. should a puppy be trusted
  199. your thoughts
  200. Dog daycare?
  201. possibly going to court need advice
  202. needed to rant, again lol
  203. My dogs....
  204. Pitbulls with other pets
  205. changing names
  206. Pit Bull Friendly Places in British Columbia?
  207. AKC and the APBT
  208. To all those with Gr. Ch. Boogieman descendants
  209. 'I sold that dog'
  210. BAD Fight....Advice
  211. Chaining your dog in CA
  212. Hunting Dogs?
  213. Help with a name
  214. pitbull rescue dude almost gets beatup
  215. "Beware of PETCO death houses" - CL Ad
  216. Petsmart discriminates against Pit Bulls?
  217. Gus is 1 Year Old Today. :)
  218. Michigan craigslist dog. Beautiful
  219. Getting people to view pits less harshly
  220. Keeping the family together during these times how to cut costs w/out cutting pet out
  221. I'm sad to say... Sophie is going back to the rescue...
  222. dogs and coyotes
  223. Unbelievable, dog potentially getting PTS for defending owner
  224. My puppy's breed? Help.
  225. would the a friendly people loving pit bull
  226. what is your thoughts on cesar milan and his techniques?
  227. Dog colors....
  228. Is it okay to give your dog human name?
  229. This CL ad title will make you laugh (or maybe cry?)
  230. I swear she makes this a habit...
  231. ugh!! puppies are almost here!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
  232. Anyone need a cute cat?
  233. Why do people get this breed...*rant*
  234. Teeth Size Matters???
  235. what it is
  236. Omg want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  237. we went to the shelter today...
  238. Some people!
  239. Crazy pitbull hateing lady / changes views
  240. PAWS mutt strut...
  241. My husband has no brain
  242. Curious questions: How many dogs have you owned?
  243. Anyone have Marcs (Grocery Store) in thier area?
  244. Wanna get really irritated? Listen to this idiot...
  245. CoCo Cracks Me Up!
  246. South Carolina Bill 0958 Improve the laws on tethering, cruelty of dogs
  247. Street Bred American Pit Bull Terriers
  248. My dad HATES pitbulls....UPDATE!!! Update!!
  249. PSA: BOARDING - don't forget!
  250. What qualifies a breeder as a BYB