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  1. Introducing my pit
  2. "How do you pick an owner for your pup?"
  3. quick question...
  4. Can anyone look up CKC pedigrees?
  5. Looking for a home to rent...
  6. tat2stuff looking 4 you!
  7. Found Lilbit again LOL
  8. I am so sick of this.... rant
  9. Will A Hawk Eat My Pups?
  10. Filling out ADBA papers
  11. Day 4 after bleeding
  12. American Pitbull Idol
  13. I'm so proud
  14. Distemper shots
  15. Dog aggessive dog...is i "breed" into them or taught to them????????
  16. Differences with GSD?
  17. Kittens for Adoption at BONeJOUR
  18. it was so cute
  19. What do you think?
  20. does you dog bark while they are sleeping or howl ?
  21. So pround of my babies!
  22. I wana do this! (video)
  23. Pit "Attacks"
  24. Pit Bulls Are Trained To Fight(Please Explain)
  25. 'Dog Whisperer' seeking wolf hybrid dog owners in the Los Angeles area
  26. woo got our pup
  27. Need Help Fighting the "Locking Jaw" Myth
  28. Blue nose and red nose
  29. So, do you guys think my vet is going to screw me over here?
  30. bone hider?
  31. Sometimes people amaze me
  32. "crate and rotate"
  33. My boy is at boot camp
  34. Please save snaps!!
  35. Tinkerbell and Rajah
  36. Program teaches forensics investigators to unearth criminal clues from animal graves
  37. Haven't been around here a lot....bad news, and good news...stressful times..
  38. Advertisement...Anti BSL or pro APBT?
  39. What Is The Average Size Of A Quality Bred APBT
  40. Quick Question
  41. I need help
  42. Friday Fun Video of the Day
  43. Sheep in wolves clothing.
  44. buckskin brindle
  45. Learn from others so you don't make the same mistake :(
  46. Dealing with a new APBT owner
  47. Dog Show or training
  48. Pit Mix Puppies
  49. What breed(s) is she?!
  50. Who do you think was the ugliest and best looking dogs??
  51. My Other Goofy Dog
  52. Custody battles over dogs
  53. Male & female Pitbull
  54. Do your dogs act "abused"?
  55. My Goofy Dog
  56. IN-Sell Puppies? Better Pay Your Taxes!
  57. Shower antics
  58. Getting deployed
  59. Another funny thread
  60. How much do you exercise your dogs in hot weather?
  61. Help, I was picked by a pit!!
  62. diesel is too funny...
  63. How long have pit bulls been in your life?
  64. Cheeky little shit- had to share
  65. To those of you who have brought a puppy into the house with technically another pup
  66. Interactive dogs
  67. Humanely Euthanize or Turn Over To Pound(Discussion)
  68. Has anyone noticed.....
  69. Oh why O why
  70. for people with dogs and cats
  71. MD-Sheriff Says Deputies 'Did Their Job'
  72. What is the best dog you ever had?
  73. Why old dogs are the best dogs
  74. Do u think it is a good idea to mix a pit and a rottweiler
  75. Ear docking
  76. Amazing tale to tell!
  77. Am I overly paranoid?
  78. Kudos to Georgia Veterinarians
  79. Playtime is over! Dogfight.
  80. It's How They Were Raised, You're All Irresponsible
  81. house dog vs outside
  82. Do your bullies adore kittens too?
  83. bloodlines,breeds
  84. I just wanted to say....
  85. Bad Rap's Latest Blog Post
  86. The Flop
  87. Smoochies!
  88. Belly Rub - Leg Scratch
  89. how can i get my girl papers
  90. my first pit
  91. Can anyone answer this?
  92. Todayz mah Birthdayz!!!!
  93. This guy needs some "friendly" e-mails
  94. Not Sure How I Feel About Beware Signs
  95. Petsmart smile photo contest
  96. Are Pit Bulls the only dogs that bite people
  97. were proud of diesel!
  98. What's Up For The Month
  99. Barking Dogs Set World Record
  100. Please give me your pointers on picking out my puppy. Puppy pics inside :)
  101. What would you do?
  102. sorry its been a while
  103. Keeps gettin' more and more fun! (sorry, really long!)
  104. Ummmmm..... OWWWWWW!
  105. Puppy survives after 'flush' with death
  106. Where does your dog sleep at night?
  107. Need Advice, Husband wants 1 dog gone (long)
  108. APBT/Bully Personality diffs...
  109. Sleep issues??
  110. Dogue de Bordeaux 4 Year Old Rescue Questions
  111. Introducing...!!
  112. Met a couple sweet dogs this weeekend...
  113. What is the longest your dogs have been in a car?
  114. APBT Groaners??
  115. renters insurance??
  116. new babies yall like?
  117. some b.s.
  118. I've waited for this for so long!
  119. Learn from MY mistake......
  120. What are we going to do? =[
  121. I might be moving to Utah
  122. Lil' Brag
  123. Lesson learned. Dog fight.
  124. I'm back!
  125. Woman Selling her Human Aggressive Pit Bull (Craigslist)
  126. Find the pit bull mix
  127. Questions on whether or not my dogs are true pit's
  128. What constitutes a fur mommie???
  129. just saw this on petfinder...
  130. Lily needs Stillwater for Christmas this year...
  131. Housing? Please help.
  132. Can You Find the APBT Pup !!
  133. awww its raining
  134. The first time you found out 'pit bulls' were "vicious?
  135. Well, that's a new one...
  136. Help Stop the HSUS
  137. Bella just got bit by a German Shepherd 30 minutes ago!
  138. The Bait Dog Myth ... need reliable information
  139. Pit Bull A Hero From ATTACKER!(Pit Bull Shot and Still Protected Owner/Family)
  140. Poison
  141. Considering getting a second dog
  142. why did no one tell me???
  143. All God's creatures: Churches reach out to dog owners in pet-friendly prayer services
  144. Never Let Pit Bulls Sleep With You!
  145. A friend got Dante a collar and I don't like it
  146. Hypothetically Speaking...
  147. Advice Needed On Raising "Littermates"
  148. Peanut needs your support
  149. Fun Times
  150. Logan has a girlfriend!
  151. pitbullS in MALTA
  152. any thoughts on what my pit is mixed with?
  153. I'm A Small Girl
  154. Obedience Training in Houston
  155. Hotels that allow pets
  156. My girl lost her momma young
  157. Look At This(Click on the link)!!!
  158. Canis Panther
  159. D.N.A. Testing
  160. Pittie Gear.
  161. How do you handle question
  162. Dog collar translates dogs barks!
  163. Help I can't decide which one I want to keep
  164. I'm rather proud of the shelter that Sugar came from
  165. Need Help With How To Fight City Ban
  166. Trying to find the best title for the book
  167. Advice on Dog Attack
  168. cross post from other site
  169. I love touching them when they sleep
  170. seapet.com issues
  171. Eulogy of the Dog ...
  172. I am so disgusted!!!
  173. Meet Chanel: Almost 21, the world’s oldest dog
  174. petition to keep M Vick from ever playing football again
  175. My Pit embarrassed me last night
  176. Prayers
  177. Maternal Instinct in MALE dogs?
  178. Update On Zeus : Amazing Night
  179. Who let the dogs out a vid
  180. What have I gotten myself into???
  181. Advice on relocating with a Pitbull (Chicago/Seattle/Minneapolis)
  182. Does your significant other..
  183. Advice/Suggections on a dog sitter or boarded with the vet?
  184. I have witnessed a MIRACLE...
  185. New puppy!!!
  186. Speed thing
  187. thang god got papers today!!
  188. Recent Pics of Malika
  189. Bald Spot
  190. In NEED of advice for ignorant outsiders....
  191. Help with a litter of puppies!
  192. PhilaPets.com - A recommendation
  193. Surrounded by FAIL :(
  194. the change has started early?
  195. DA and other breeds
  196. colleges?
  197. My Foster Pups.
  198. outlaw dogz..
  199. Want your mail? Watch your dogs
  200. proof that the CKC is useless
  201. funny things our dogs do
  202. URGENT!! Need help/advice asap!
  203. murder
  204. Poor Rosie... she took a header today.
  205. Cross post, check it out! (links)
  206. Ask Anything: 10 questions with SPCA chief Hope Hancock
  207. excitable people
  208. ND-Animal Control or Animal Cruelty? Dog Problem on Reservation
  209. Took Luke camping.
  210. K-9 Officer Could Face Charges After Dog Dies In Car
  211. bully or apbt
  212. Exercise, Doggie Style!
  213. Am I the only one who never gets prejudice about my dog?
  214. An Ode to your dog....
  215. I've done everything, can anyone help us?
  216. Just got a knock on the door from animal control
  217. Anyone Interested in Mastiffs?
  218. Lady Bulldogger Calender
  219. Didn't get what I paid for..semi-rant
  220. LOTS of Pit bulls on craigslist!
  221. newspaper ad
  222. Stinson's Lucas
  223. does your dog like to chase water?
  224. My head is going to EXPLODE!!! I need to vent.
  225. Newbie
  226. Charlie WON!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Opinions needed: Is this dog pit/part pit?
  228. Vick and the HSUS
  229. Sympathy and dogs
  230. What Can We Do???? Dog Fighting Tip!
  231. I know this isnt about a Pit, but I am getting rid of my Pug
  232. PA-Animal response team gears up to help pets in times of crisis
  233. Boudreaux (free puppy)
  234. Final Project and Thesis
  235. Weird Observation between an APBT and a Derranged Woman
  236. Man Saves Dog’s Life By Sucking Snake Venom
  237. UKC pedigree change into AKC pedigree
  238. a little too impressive
  239. New Study Finds English Cocker Spaniels as the most “aggressive breed.”
  240. Man Convicted After Leaving Puppy in Car
  241. WC fun show on the radio
  242. Two dogs and toys
  243. If my dogs can't go to heaven, I don't want to go either!!
  244. Arghhhh, IDK What To Do About This
  245. News Story about pit bull eductaion
  246. Help!!!!
  247. A reporter who actually had it right...
  248. what breed is this dog? answers asap
  249. Lotto Got Jumped!!
  250. Mv