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  1. Please enter contest!
  2. Tazer starts doggy day care next week!!
  3. Never leave dangerous breeds with kids!
  4. Mandatory Spay and Neuter for Pit breeds. Agree or disagree?
  5. "Rescue" is glorified puppy mill, please read.
  6. Need Prayers.
  7. 18 mo turn on???
  8. bad day at school
  9. What is this dog?
  10. Spiked collars and what not.....
  11. Pit bull hunts for christmas tree: “it beats hanging with kittens,” says truman
  12. What's your dog doing RIGHT now?
  13. my mom clarifyed herself on where she stands
  14. floyd boudreax
  15. How Gentle They Can Be
  16. OUCH! Minor dog accident.
  17. Backyard Breeders
  18. Don't want my dog to be a vicious killer......
  19. Radio Show: Dog Aggression
  20. Update on warden
  21. If you ran a dogs home
  22. The Complete Gamedog Book vs. The Pitbull Bible
  23. I need all the advice i can get - please read!
  24. Owner brag: Great compliments on recent walks!
  25. SUPER excited!!
  26. Fireworks made out of sheep :D
  27. Pet owners, please read
  28. Happy Birthday to my very best friend.
  29. Rescue Cleaner: Dogs Clean Your iPhone Screen, Download Goes to Shelters
  30. Crate Location... Help!!! :/
  31. Note to self....
  32. Interesting Question
  33. Help a pitbull win the cutest dog competition!!!
  34. Our Prayers go to Max
  35. When going to the Vet DO NOT.......
  36. LOOK WHAT I JUST PICKED UP TODAY!! Lemme Know What Ya Think!
  37. Advice - who pays?
  38. Cool, the stray boy gets a second chance!!
  39. Is this a joke?
  40. The Crisis of Choosing Between Owning a Dog and Obtaining Home Owners Insurance
  41. Oregon Wants ‘Dog Friendly’ to Be Less So
  42. Friday Fun! Does This Count as Animal Cruelty?
  43. really weird thing happend to me the other day
  44. another round of "guess the breed" !!
  45. Loose dogs...returned them AGAIN.
  46. Breed brochure/handout?
  47. Anyone After Freakin Judge Joe Brown???
  48. Does Holly have pit in her?
  49. Need some Direction
  50. what breed do you think my dog is?
  51. What is my Linky?
  52. What to do when animal control comes knocking
  53. 5-legged puppy saved from Coney Island freak show
  54. Ireland-Bruce the Pit Bull Needs Your Intervention
  55. Why are some colors not allowed?
  56. Dog takes on mothering duties for kitten
  57. The American Terrier..A Breed name change...
  58. APBT or Bully?
  59. My Buster is a wha (Part 2)
  60. does she look like a bully or apbt?
  61. Harsh Reality(hard lesson learned) EVERYONE read
  62. outlaw dogz finally arrived...
  63. Just been Approved, but the dogs worry me.
  64. Pitbull-Friendly Apartments in L.A., California
  65. Amstaff or APBT?
  66. Jersey Showed her True Pit Bull Side Today
  67. I am kinda in a dilemma, has to do with Muggleston
  68. Two-legged dog found caught in trap gets new prosthetic legs
  69. camping with pit bulls?
  70. MN Pit Bulls
  71. What would you do if your dog(s) was stolen?
  72. Weddings Going To The Dogs
  73. HELP- before BSL hits my county
  74. Guilty or Innocent??? I can't tell....
  75. Michael Vick is getting out!
  76. pitbull terrier bred with bull dog
  77. URGENT WARNING: Widely sold garden mulch kills pets
  78. Touche' is a Smiling Dog in "BARK"
  79. Protector Instinct?
  80. to crop or not to crop?
  81. Best Friends and other Rescues
  82. Escape artist
  83. Pitbull show
  84. Just set up a ear crop appointment for the pup, but...
  85. Dogs riding in pickups
  86. Can you help me identify the breed?
  87. Boogieman Lovers
  88. Something to think about
  89. Redoing the dog yard- Opinions?
  90. Puppy Dreams
  91. had fun at the SDR show
  92. maybe new pup pretty soon
  93. Thank you
  94. Introducing Pit Bulls..Please help!
  95. Silly Questions
  96. Using a flirt pole in a public park?
  97. pitbulls around the world
  98. Sense of self?
  99. Pregnancy
  100. "How Could You?"- a story of canine betrayal
  101. To saddle bag, or not to saddle bag
  102. Help!!!
  103. Puppy Play.
  104. Doggy Smiles
  105. Members from the Hampton Roads, VA area
  106. is it possible......
  107. New addition to the family!!
  108. How do you know what to say, How do you keep your mouth shut?
  109. Baby had his first bark
  110. Puppys first day at new home
  111. Male or female?
  112. Dogs and babies
  113. Dog Theft?
  114. Bad Behavior?
  115. What do you think about this?
  116. Why so Pink!?
  117. Question for you guys
  118. Nicknames
  119. PETA: Ingrid Newkirks Unique Will
  120. Multi dog household? Do you have a favorite?
  121. How would you adopt? Need help.
  122. renting in san diego...I NEED HELP!
  123. This is sad
  124. Dear Dogs and Cats
  125. i just put in to volunteer
  126. Question about territorality (i guess)?
  127. Anyone here from Holland?
  128. what do i do first
  129. possible adoption
  130. Now this is a House Cat!
  131. unsure..need opinions.
  132. treat ideas??
  133. Bell in ear cropping? What's the bell part all about?
  134. Vacationing with my PitBull
  135. da ?
  136. is there such thing as a 'perfect' tail???
  137. Pit Bull pups with docked Tails?
  138. Questions on dominate dogs. Long but please I need answers
  139. Just got this at Wal-Mart for the lil guy.
  140. Aspen met mikayla for t he first time
  141. Advice need please:)
  142. Anybody in Iowa?
  143. has your babies ever growl/bark in their sleep
  144. My Letter Got A Response From The HSUS....
  145. Ever had to break up a dog fight by yourself?
  146. Does the Rachel Ray Nutrish Commercial have a pit?
  147. I think we have our dogs confused.....
  148. How much would you pay?
  149. Introducing CoCo- Funny story about my pup
  150. Ta Da Introducing...........
  151. getting my pup fixed
  152. my baby ain't no baby no more...
  153. Preventing Aggresion
  154. Questions about my pit!
  155. break sticks - can't have them in MA?
  156. What do Y'all think he is??
  157. Dallas/Fort Worth area: Looking for a great vet
  158. Question for PA People and Also, one for NC People..
  159. Thoughts wanted on potential new puppy
  160. Small senior + APBT
  161. John Goodwin Responds About WSK Destruction
  162. an american hero ;)
  163. Shipped or Local?
  164. Question about Dog Aggression and Human Aggression
  165. Fate played a role.....
  166. XXL Bully Breeding
  167. The misuse and abuse of dogs
  168. according to these pics...
  169. Wow- so sad!
  170. Five Big Lies About Pit Bulls
  171. blue eyed pits
  172. Court shows and pitbulls
  173. how long will you apbt shake and hang on the spring pole
  174. Where do you walk you dog?
  175. "Jazz" update
  176. Hector - New Therapy Dog
  177. Gonna have a birtheday party!!
  178. HSUS Leaflets
  179. Hair length?
  180. how tall is your apbt
  181. Plea Bargain....what would you do?
  182. So ya, what is her proper breed?
  183. What happens if you Break Up?
  184. Maybe is just me...bloodlines and "Pit Bulls"
  185. For the Love of our PitBulls!Longer Life?
  186. Question about feeding
  187. bully or apbt? silly shelter breed names
  188. Jessica Beil and her pit bull
  189. I'm thinking Mars is not apbt
  190. bloodline
  191. Can you answer this question?
  192. Trips to Petsmart? Petco? Ect.
  193. being quick to make judgement , has caused confusion to many
  194. Prayers for Penny*Update Inside*
  195. lookin for some help
  196. the prejudice is everywhere
  197. is my dog an american pitty or american bully?
  198. Considering adding second pitbull to family
  199. help introducing a new dog
  200. Teaching Dog Safety to Kids..HELP
  201. What is the one thing that totally drives you crazy about "pitbulls"?
  202. Do dogs remember??
  203. Okay, I just have to Brag about Jersey!!!
  204. My friend is angry, i told him he has bullies, not pits!
  205. DNA testing , need advice !!!
  206. Where Can I Make A Pedigree??/
  207. new babi
  208. African Pit bull
  209. tyra with her mom and the rest of the litter when babies
  210. waste?
  211. Police allowed to shoot on sight!
  212. Please vote and help our rescue!
  213. I want this
  214. My foster is gone :(
  215. Spent yesterday at the beach
  216. does she look purebred?
  217. -dog trainers-
  218. Dilemma - should I get my dog snipped
  219. Confessions from a pit bull's diary
  220. Happy Gotcha Day, Ruby!
  221. Is it only me!
  222. pit bull walk
  223. RARE blue merle Scottish bull terrier!!!!
  224. Where do your dogs sleep?
  225. Respect
  226. Need a good doggy laugh? Check this out!
  227. Please vote for nala for cutest dog!!!!
  228. Sometimes it really is the owner.
  229. How do these pups look to you ?
  230. Stray Dogs
  231. When did the national fear of pitbulls truly begin?
  232. my dogs book?
  233. YipYipDog
  234. Boys vs Girls
  235. guess the other breed in my dog please
  236. SBT in the mix?
  237. Who Gets The Dog? Ex-Couple Goes To court
  238. my Reigna has a spotted belly?
  239. AmStaff, APBT, Mix....any ideas? :)
  240. He jumped out the Jeep window
  241. bsl already proposed in my town once b4
  242. help me out
  243. Need Some Manly Input Here
  244. Oh HELL NO. (long)
  245. Everybody read!!! I mean everybody
  246. do your dogs bark?
  247. Pick your fav Pit color POll!
  248. Found this and thought it was perfect .. Pit Bull test
  249. What Are Your Crate/Rotate Times?
  250. cgc/service /therapy dog questions