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  1. Does your dog smile???
  2. OMG. Bad things happen to good people
  3. Labradoodle..?
  4. Pit has ONE "T" & Color is Only Fur Deep
  5. Hybrid rant
  6. does this look like a pit?
  7. One Tough Pit
  8. gaarooossss!!!
  9. This is leashe good for pitbull?
  10. Couple Questions
  11. Some Questions
  12. dog aggression
  13. Loving Doggie Quotes
  14. separating my dogs...
  15. It can happen anytime...
  16. Pitterpat Terriers
  17. ignorant people..wow
  18. Helena is getting more obedient. Good Girl Helena
  19. DA against puppies?
  20. Introducing pitbull to cats..Advice
  21. Well a couple questions,
  22. Guessing Game: Staffordshire mix
  23. my 11mo old pit pushes my 8wk old pit
  24. Can Anyone Tell me What Kind of Pitbull This is?
  25. How do you deal with people who are rude and unknowledgable about pits
  26. About died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. What is the biggest escape feat your dog has ever done?
  28. Back to Pit Bulls and Pain tolerence
  29. A Poem I Found
  30. Tell us: Should the Corps do more about aggressive dog breeds?
  31. How far would your dog go to save you?
  32. How do you beat the cold weather?
  33. Has your dog ever scared you?
  34. Should the APBT be considered a dangerous weapon?
  35. Is it irresponsible for a Pit Bull owner to use an invisible fence?
  36. When does the size of a Pit Bull concern you?
  37. What if the police shot your dog?
  38. Name one thing your dog does that isnt a big deal but really bugs you
  39. Hey dog trainers, did I screw up?
  40. Animal Liability Insurance
  41. What do you do during the winter & rain to keep your dog busy??
  42. Stolen Pits
  43. Gluing and taping natural ears...
  44. All members read this. We need your input!
  45. How about a muddy dog thread!
  46. Should limitations be put on how many Pit Bulls one should be allowed to own?
  47. Owners Code of Ethics
  48. Lilbit meets the pups
  49. Pets Hurled Off Bridge in Puerto Rico
  50. How To Break Up A Dog Fight
  51. What is your opinion on this
  52. UNO! Lets see your black dogs!
  53. My living nightmare
  54. im just a dog not a pitbull
  55. I can not believe how cruel people can be
  56. The Most Disgusting Thing Your Dog Has Ever Done?
  57. "Fighting" on HBO
  58. Leash-less dog park, your opinion
  59. Behavioural assessment of child-directed canine aggression
  60. You know you're an APBT owner when...
  61. Apparently people support euthanasia...
  62. What is a dogman? (Sorry, sensitive)
  63. Does anyone know "the bulldog pledge (or creed)"?
  64. Naming Your Dog
  65. Police Want to Find Owner of Severly Abused Dog
  66. Training Shelter Staff
  67. Remember Katrina and the dogs that were shot
  68. Animals die in pet store blaze
  69. Do you let your dog loose in the car?
  70. Matching Dogs With People
  71. Bleach Cleaning
  72. Like Animal Friends Insurance on Facebook to donate 1 to charity
  73. Roo sings National Anthem with Wallace at his side
  74. What do you think every pit bull owner should know?
  75. The Pit Bull Cry
  76. Pit bull owners have special obligation to control pets
  77. Points To Consider Before Breeding Your Dog
  78. The truth about PeTA
  79. pitbull wont play
  80. Pit Bull Pumpkin Patterns
  81. Has ANYONE here heard of this?!
  82. Vaccinations
  83. Pitbull Christmas Cards are here!!!!
  84. Please click once a day to help dogs (no registration required)
  85. Please click once a day to help cats (no registration required)
  86. What's the stranges people food your dog eats?
  87. Dogs and Children
  88. Dog Diseases- Part 1- Skin
  89. Weight
  90. Memories wth your dogs
  91. Should all dogs be microchipped?
  92. What will your dog do for a treat?
  93. What is a pitbull, and what is in a name?
  94. If you could go back in time and hang out with a dogman
  95. Government helps with 501c3 paperwork!
  96. Cruel or good advice
  97. Stereotypes, what changed your mind and made you see past them?
  98. What Made You Get Into The Breed?
  99. Dog Toys
  100. Introducing a kitten to your older cats
  101. Keep the kitchen cabinets shut
  102. Friends In High Places
  103. USA - Pedigree (Mars), recalls canned dog food.
  104. Anyone deal with a not so amicable breakup with SO? Splitting up Dogs
  105. Complete Cat Food
  106. Vaccinations: How often do you have your dogs vaccinated?
  107. Blue Pits
  108. Where do you walk and how often do you change it
  109. Dog food recalls
  110. Identify the breed of dog game...
  111. What do you feed your dog?
  112. Anyone else wanna see some cuties?!
  113. Pet First Aid Kit
  114. Treating pets as surrogate children
  115. What animal would be best?
  116. Is my cat pregnant?
  117. Advice needed - cat not drinking water
  118. What is your favourite dog trait?
  119. cat not using the box
  120. Kitten Livestream!
  121. Where did your cats come from?
  122. My puppy, Simon
  123. Pets and allergy
  124. How vocal is your cat?
  125. Cute Kitten?
  126. Lolcats
  127. Scratching furniture
  128. Top 5 most aggressive dog breeds in America
  129. Pit Bulls
  130. Cats and plastic bags..
  131. Have you ever adpoted a cat from a rescue?
  132. Not happy!
  133. Time for a new bed?
  134. The Top 10 Dog & Cat Names
  135. Dogs eating things they ought not to..
  136. The kitten that does the dishes...
  137. Your Doggie Pics
  138. What's your pet's name?
  139. Do your cats wear a collar?
  140. Do your cats go outside?
  141. Fur balls
  142. Post your dog pictures here!
  143. Poo eating
  144. Bath Time of Your Dogs
  145. Your cats favourite spot in the house
  146. Grooming Your Pets
  147. Can you tell me what breed of dog this is?
  148. Bad News: Whales stranded and died on UK coast
  149. Is there a way to stop a cat catching birds?
  150. Cats and fish tanks
  151. Odd things your cat plays with
  152. Whining in the car
  153. Funny dog pictures.
  154. Do you train your cats
  155. Does your pet know any tricks?
  156. Things your dogs are afraid of?
  157. Cat names
  158. What is the strangest thing your dog does?
  159. Does the breed affect behaviour?
  160. Brushing Your Dog's Teeth
  161. TV Ad aimed solely at Dogs!
  162. Scared of fireworks
  163. Running with a dog
  164. Being A Cat Lady Can Increase Your Risk Of Suicide
  165. Travelling in Cars on Long Trips
  166. Dogs and Chocolate
  167. Male or female - does it matter? Which would you prefer?
  168. What do you feed
  169. How to make a baby stop crying
  170. The best type of flea medicine
  171. Cat Breading
  172. Best Flea Preventative
  173. What dog breeds are rare in your country?
  174. Dudes, Are you too COOL to own a poodle?
  175. Pets you WON'T own
  176. Does your cat get jealous?
  177. Am I the only one who give their cat a bath?
  178. Craziest spot you've found your cat sleeping
  179. One meal or two (or three?)
  180. How old is your dog?
  181. Post your cat pictures here!
  182. My poor cat :(
  183. skype option?
  184. What is your dog's name?
  185. Do you take your pet on vacation with you?
  186. Does your cat like water?
  187. Cat cackles?
  188. Article - Cat Breeds
  189. How do I stop a puppy from biting
  190. "Scratch, Scratch, Scratch" Who's there?!
  191. When your cat brings you 'presents'..
  192. Do your cats get along?
  193. Choosing your breed of dog (Articles)
  194. How much time walking
  195. What's your favourite colour cat?
  196. The craziest thing my dog ever did was...
  197. Owning a cat and dog at the same time
  198. How many..
  199. Black cats
  200. Our cat tries to turn the doorknob!